The Project Vision – McMahon’s Place

In the heart of Echuca, a remarkable story of vision, dedication, and community is unfolding –  McMahon’s Place. Owned by the McMahon’s family for over 40 years, the beautiful estate is now a master-planned community of 1000 homes, located minutes away from the centre of Echuca.

This visionary project, born from a collaboration between Resi Ventures and the McMahon family, stands as a testament to the transformative power of partnership, a commitment to preserving history, and the ambition to craft an extraordinary living experience that resonates with the values of both developers and landowners.


The McMahon Family

At its core, the McMahon’s Place project embodies Resi Ventures’ overarching mission to collaborate with broadacre landowners and convert lands into vibrant communities that individuals and families cherish as home. In 2012, Anthony Braunthal and Khurram Saeed founded Resi Ventures with a vision for distinctiveness. Life’s diversity inspired them to create communities that resonate with individuals. This led to a unique approach, collaborating with landowners like the McMahon family. Putting people at the core of development is their purposeful drive, evident in the $900 million worth of thriving communities underway in Victoria and Queensland, including McMahon’s Place. This commitment to fostering thriving neighbourhoods aligns seamlessly with the McMahon family’s decades-old dream of creating a place where people could truly belong, and the two visions have converged in an inspiring alliance.

With a profound understanding of the importance of community and a rich history that spans over four decades, the McMahon family entrusted their land to Resi Ventures, sharing a common vision to establish a legacy that extends beyond physical structures. The land has not only served as a canvas for future homes but also as a medium through which a sense of belonging and heritage can flourish.

“Our vision for Echuca is to create a master-planned community where people are proud to call it home,” stated Mr. Saeed, the driving force behind Resi Ventures. This ambitious vision encapsulates the essence of the McMahon’s Place project – a harmonious blend of modern living and deep-rooted connection to the land’s history. The design philosophy prioritises passive open spaces, recreational facilities, and a grand entrance that welcomes residents and visitors alike. This approach ensures that the natural beauty of the region is preserved and seamlessly integrated into the fabric of daily life.

The grandeur of McMahon’s Place isn’t confined to physical spaces alone; it extends to the cultivation of a genuine sense of community. This pivotal aspect is carefully woven into the project’s blueprint, reflecting both Resi Ventures’ and the McMahon family’s commitment to fostering a supportive, tight-knit environment where residents can forge lifelong friendships and cherish shared experiences.

Beyond physical space, the partnership represents a dedication to legacy. “We want to be proud of what we have created,” Mr. Saeed said, referring to the commitment to designing a space that embodies the knowledge and philosophy of Resi Ventures. This commitment goes beyond building a long-lasting legacy for Resi Ventures to include the McMahon family, a legacy deeply ingrained in the history and soil of Echuca.

Central to this exceptional journey is the McMahon family’s enduring vision. For over four decades, the family nurtured dreams of transforming their land into a thriving community. By engaging with Resi Ventures, this vision has been actualised, and the McMahon family’s dream of creating a place where people truly belong has become a reality. Their intimate knowledge of the area, coupled with Resi Ventures’ expertise, has resulted in a master-planned community that marries contemporary living with a profound appreciation for heritage and community.

As the story of  McMahon’s Place unfolds, it symbolises more than just a real estate endeavour; it’s a testament to the power of shared dreams and the ability to create something exceptional through collaboration. It speaks to the vital importance of preserving history while embracing the future and showcases the impact that thoughtful development can have on both physical landscapes and the human spirit.

In the heart of Echuca, McMahon’s Place stands as a living testament to the dreams of the past, the vision of the present, and the legacy for the future. It’s a story that encapsulates the profound relationship between land, community, and the people who make it home – a story that celebrates the convergence of aspirations and the creation of a legacy that will be cherished for generations to come.

“We are opening our place, to you. Close to our much-loved Echuca with well-designed neighbourhoods featuring mature landscapes as part of our vision – from our family to yours, we welcome you to embrace McMahon’s Place”

– Sincerely the McMahon Family

To learn more about this newest project for Resi Ventures visit the project website at or call the Sales Team on 0483 915 025.

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