Upsizing the value of your largest asset.

Resi Ventures will take you on a journey in which we start by listening to your needs, no matter how great or small. This input provides a basis for designing a deal that gives you what you are looking for. Our aim is to provide a risk-free means of upsizing the value of your largest asset. There is no better way to do that than sharing in the development upside through working with a trusted partner in Resi Ventures. We seek to maximise the value of your Land by engaging our team of experts alongside the best industry consultants who ensure that everything is done right first time, on time and on budget.


Committed to achieving an outcome that is best for you.

Resi Ventures can generate the highest financial result for your family by entering into what we call an LDA which is a Land Development Agreement. The LDA specifies how we will work together to achieve the intended goal in a way that aligns our interests, so you know we are committed to achieving an outcome that is best for you. This enables you to share in the overall development profits by becoming a stakeholder in part of a turnkey development in which all aspects of the project are looked after. Throughout the process your mind will be at ease knowing Resi Ventures is covering all costs while at the same time you have total security as you remain on title. You can sit back and watch as your greatest asset gains value as it goes through the planning, design, and construction process.

Maximum profit

• Maximise development profits

• Better financial results than selling land to a Developer or speculator

Regular Payments

• Once you sign an LDA agreement Resi Ventures pays for all project costs including your holding costs & tax free advances

Minimised Risk

• Retain ownership until final settlement of project

• Partnering with Resi Ventures who have a proven track record of generating spectacular results

Financial Security

• Receive the upside from increasing land prices and greater density

• Resi Ventures fund the whole development process


• Every deal is customised to suit your needs

• Choose how much you want to be involved

• Take some of  the proceeds in subdivided lots

• Have the flexibility to retain your house

Trusted Partner

• Experienced developer with over 10 years’ experience in residential subdivisions

• We deliver on our promise to you

Land development agreement

We deliver what we promise.

Resi Ventures have spent a lot of time listening to the needs of Landowners to understand their mindset when it comes to what matters most. The key elements that shine...

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The Process

Completing successful residential projects time and time again.

Resi Ventures protects your interests and aims to deliver the highest of returns by using their development know-how which is based on completing successful residential land subdivision projects time and...

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Land Development Agreement? A Land Development Agreement (LDA) is a tailored contract that offers a turnkey development solution for broadacre landowners to transform their landholdings into a...

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