Completing successful residential projects time and time again.

Resi Ventures protects your interests and aims to deliver the highest of returns by using their development know-how which is based on completing successful residential land subdivision projects time and time again. By letting Resi Ventures transform your land, we will take care of every step in the development process, making the experience a painless process during which time you will witness the transformation of your prized asset become a thriving new community that you will have contributed to creating.


We will maximise the returns of your largest asset


We design a masterplan community inline with our corporate vision of creating communities where people love to live


We fund all project related costs: planning permits, civil works and external compliance costs


Resi Ventures de-risks the process by strategically positioning the project in the market to achieve presales targets


Resi Ventures works with trusted civil contractors which is overseen by our expert Development team


We take care to match the master plan objective for a unified appearance across the community


We share the profits with you along the way