Construction on Bloom Is Moving Forward at Full Speed

Construction is in full gear at Bloom Hervey Bay by the team from Shadforth. As we dive into March’s developments, it’s evident that the project is steadily advancing across stages 1-2, with stage 8 recently kicking off construction activities.

One of the key achievements of this phase is the successful completion of all bulk earthworks in stages 1–2. Simultaneously, earthworks for stage 8 are well underway and are projected to wrap up by early March. Additionally, the focus has shifted towards enhancing infrastructure, with road widening and external works underway. Madsen Road is undergoing upgrades, including the installation of a turn-in slip lane and a footpath, aiming to improve accessibility and safety for future residents and visitors.

Progress on essential utilities is also noteworthy, with sewer work now in full swing. Remarkably, nearly three-quarters of the sewer infrastructure across the three stages has been successfully installed, showcasing the team’s efficiency and dedication.

After visiting the site in November last year for an official SOD turning ceremony, Resi Ventures co-founder Khurram Saeed said, “Seeing the tangible progress of work onsite is a key milestone for the business, especially as it’s our first Queensland community.

“For us, it’s the foundation of a legacy, and I couldn’t be more thrilled to see it take shape.

“It’s a community where a relaxed coastal lifestyle is at the forefront for those who choose to call it home.”

Looking ahead, the next phases will involve finalising sewer installations and transitioning towards stormwater works. These milestones mark significant progress towards realising the vision of Bloom Hervey Bay as a vibrant and sustainable community. Stay tuned for further updates as we continue to shape the landscape of this exciting development.

Our next release is coming in March. Register your interest via Bloom’s website,

Bloom Hervey Bay Construction February 2024
Bloom Hervey Bay Construction February 2024
Bloom Hervey Bay Construction February 2024

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