Resi Co-Founder Guest Speaker at Annual NAB Ramadan Dinner

Khurram Saeed,  Resi Ventures Director, and Co-Founder was a guest speaker at the 2nd annual NAB Ramadan Iftar Dinner. Hosted at the Islamic Museum of Australia, the night highlighted the religious importance of Ramadan within the community and how the core values of the holy month can be adopted in business practices to foster a diverse and inclusive workplace culture.

Khurram spoke about issues affecting Muslims when it comes to accessing financial services and the importance of Islamic lending facilities available at NAB to promote financial inclusion for the diverse needs in the community.

Other notable speakers from the Islamic community on the night included Dr Susan Carland, Peter Bol, Imam Alaa el Zokm, Dr Lum and Ridwan Jadwaat.



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05 / 04 / 2023

Written by Resi Ventures

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