5 Minutes with Rodney Mifsud

Rodney Mifsud took five minutes to talk about his role as Director of Acquisitions at Resi Ventures.

What does your day to day look like?

Everyday is different from actively pursuing clients, contacts, and vendors to closing deals under our Land Development Agreement (LDA). We gather information, conduct analysis, and perform due diligence on prospective locations and new sites to acquire with the assistance of our land researcher.

What specific strategies do you employ to identify and evaluate potential land acquisition opportunities?

We target new and existing growth corridors both within the urban growth boundary and larger regional hubs. By researching online documents from various Council and Government sources and utilising our network of experts to evaluate opportunities, it ensures we are in the best position to make informed decisions.

How do you assess the market value of land for a master-planned community development project?

We conduct a thorough feasibility study using current and detailed data.

How do you approach negotiations with broadacre landowners?

Every client is unique and has varying needs, we listen to their needs and tailor a solution that will be best for that family.

What due diligence processes do you typically follow when evaluating a piece of land for acquisition?

We conduct a full Due Diligence process, which involves examining concept plans, pricing lots, market projections, sales analysis, market analysis, and funding arrangements in addition to researching the development cost estimate.

What’s the most memorable experience you’ve had in acquiring land?

Meeting new landowners daily is enjoyable and every family has a story to tell regarding their land. The passion, enthusiasm and love they have for their land is genuine and inspiring.

I once got chased by two large rottweiler dogs after knocking on a landowners door, thankfully I made it to the car in one piece, that was memorable!!!

However, the moments when I shake hands and join forces with a landowner to embark on a development project are actually the ones that stick out as the most memorable.

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