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Secure your family’s financial future.

By partnering with a proven developer who will maximise the return on your biggest asset.

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Nobody picks the property market peak

Do you know that in today’s rapidly rising property market your farm could be worth millions more in a year than it is today?

Make more money

You will make a lot more money under an LDA than you would by just selling your land.

You are in essence sharing in the development profits of your land.

Receive regular payments

Your return from the project  will  start the day you sign on with Resi Ventures and continue as each of the lots are developed, sold and settled.

You have the flexibility to take any portion of your proceeds in subdivided lots.

Share in the profits

Don’t let developers take your profits – share in the upside while retaining ownership.

Resi Ventures take care of every step in the development process.

  • 1.
    Funding to cover all project costs
  • 2.
    Planning: rezone, permits and design
  • 3.
    Marketing and selling the blocks
  • 4.
    Civil construction: roads and services
  • 5.
    Compliance: council and authorities
  • 6.
    Distribute proceeds after titles issue

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  • Minimum 10 hectares Urban Growth Zone
  • Deal directly with the developers

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The LDA Process

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Discover how you can structure a deal that will:

Provide a regular cash flow

Minimise your tax liabilities

Maximise your return

Land Development Agreements (LDA) have become popular with landowners in Growth Areas as the benefits in partnering with experienced developers. As your land is likely the biggest asset you hold why not maximise the profit you generate from it? Historically landowners have just sold their land to developers who make a huge uplift in turning the land into a housing estate.

With an LDA linked with Resi Ventures you can share in these profits and enjoy a return often more than 50% greater than a terms sale.

Resi Ventures have removed the development risk and upsized returns by:

Providing 100% of the equity to complete the Development works.

Keeping the landowner on title until lots are sold to the purchasers.

Guaranteeing a fixed sum per lot at a premium to today’s market value.

Paying out a % of the lot sale value so returns are linked to future prices.

Resi Ventures give you peace of mind that you’re in good hands as we:

  • Are an experienced developer that has successfully completed many land subdivisions
  • Provide regular updates so you can track progress
  • Remove financial pressure by covering all your holding costs
  • Can provide advances in lieu of deposits to meet your financial needs
  • Allow you to be totally passive during the development process
  • Structure agreements to ensure your proceeds are retained tax effectively
  • Customise every deal in a manner that suits your specific needs, which may include:
    • Keeping a principle residence without paying any tax
    • Retaining use of the land for the longest possible time
    • Receiving part of the proceeds in the form of serviced lots
    • Payment of annual advances to allow you to have greater lifestyle choices.

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The Benefits of an LDA

Minimise Risk

You retain ownership of your land until the lots are sold and settled to the end purchaser. Thereby giving you complete control over your property which means your position is always secured. 

Downside Covered

You are protected through setting a Floor Price, de-risking your position completely as we guarantee a minimum price per acre.

Tax Effective

LDAs are designed to protect the landowner from property development risks whilst providing a structure in which the landowner receives the proceeds in a tax effective. 

Flexible Involvement

You can either let Resi Ventures project manage the entire development so it’s hassle free for you, or you can take a more hands-on approach and get involved in the development process with  us.

Tailored to suit your needs

All LDA’s are structured differently as the needs of landowners vary, however a typical
Resi Ventures LDA works as follows:

  • Resi Ventures advances money for your land that you can use straight away.
  • We can also make regular advances until the development profits are realised.
  • The Title of the land remains in your name until the development is complete.
  • Under certain circumstances Resi Ventures will pay the ongoing holding costs such as Council Rates and Land Tax.

Resi Ventures will add value to your land whilst funding all project related costs including planning permits, construction of roads and other civil  infrastructure, and all external compliance costs such as developer contributions to Council, Melbourne Water & GAIC.

Resi Ventures will project manage and fund the whole development process and share the development profits with you.